We believe that Security comes with knowledge

It is our job to equip and provide others with the data and skills necessary to build secure software.

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Do you have a Cyber Ninja on your side?

The headlines are increasingly filled with articles about hackers compromising systems and stealing data. While it often seems like they must be utilizing some dark ninja magic to accomplish their amazing feats; the reality is that most security breaches are conducted utilizing types of security vulnerabilities we’ve known how to prevent for over 10 years. Despite this theoretical knowledge being available, we find very few individuals involved in the software development life cycle who actually understand how these vulnerabilities occur and what needs to be done to avoid them.

Security oriented consulting services

Cyber Ninjas offers a variety of consulting services oriented around application security. These offerings are outlined in our services section and include application security assessments, consulting, and training. With all of our assessments we aim not only to find vulnerabilities, but to be sure you are equipped to fix what we found, and prevent it from occurring again.

Community focused

Outside of our billable work, Cyber Ninjas believes in actively being involved in the community. Our founder, Doug Logan, regularly donates his time to teach classes for the US Cyber Challenge to help train our future cyber leaders. He has spoken at local OWASP meetings, and taught at OWASP Appsec Ireland. If you have a non-profit event aimed at increasing cyber security knowledge, see if a Cyber Ninja™ can speak at your event.

We are proficient in multiple disciplines

Cyber Ninjas specializes in all areas of application security ranging from your traditional web application to mobile or thick client applications. Within these disciplines we offer ethical hacking, training and general consulting. We believe strongly that “Security comes with knowledge”™, and that it is our job as Cyber Ninjas to not only deliver a high quality product, but to build knowledge and capabilities within your organization with every engagement we complete.

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Protect your data. Cyber Ninjas has your back.

We not only deliver a high quality product, but we build knowledge and capabilities within your organization with every engagement we complete.

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